15 January 2011

A report from Ohio informs us that thirty-two percent of the farms in the Grand Lake watershed now have nutrient management plans in place!  Wow!  These have been put in place extremely quickly and shows what can be done when there is a will to turn things around.  The TMDL process for Little Rock Lake (Minnesota) is well advanced in terms of getting started with their fifty-five percent reduction in P-loading.  Texas Authorities report tastes and odours for Benbrook Lake.  Lake Champlain is also receiving attention – with a renewed plan to continue the work that has already seen USD 100 million invested in reducing nutrient loading to the lake (see also this link), as are Harveys Lake and White Lake.

In New Zealand, Phorimidium-problems in the Opuha Dam are causing the fishermen to start muttering.

What is apparent from many of these stories is that the recovery from eutrophication takes much much longer than it took to get that way in the first place.  Accordingly, the sooner a start is made, even a small start, to set things right, the better.

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