26 January 2011

The Democratic Alliance has issued a “to-do” list for our new Minister of Water Affairs. Insofar as protecting our dams is concerned, the list includes doing something about the massive level of pollution caused by ineffective wastewater treatment works and the need to manage the ecological integrity of our dams correctly.  The list also calls for an investigation into what is being done and how money is being spent on the so-called “rehabilitation of Hartbeespoort Dam”.  This is long overdue!

Elsewhere in this blog is a discussion on the problems associated with removing phosphates from dishwasher detergents.  One of the world giants in the detergent industry, Procter and Gamble, have announced that they are reformulating their P-free product.

In Australia, authorties have warned that the levels of toxic algae in Lake Eildon, while in New Zealand the warning for Lake Forsyth/Waiwera has been lifted.

In the USA, the EPA has retracted its approval of the TMDL for Lake Champlain and has announced it will assist with reformulating this directive.

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