7 January 2011

Six messages from Australia today – the alert level on the Murray River has been lifted, while in New South Wales a Red Alert has been issued for the Carcoar Dam.  On a loosely-algal related matter, there is a report of a programme to eradicate tilapia from waterbodies in the Bundaberg area – I wonder how that is working for them as when I last looked Bundaberg seemed pretty deep under water – the redistribution of tilapia is probably going to be quite widespread through Queensland when the floodwaters recede! The same flooding has been deemed a plus for Lake Julius Dam (Queensland), diluting out the blue-greens.  Further away, Pykes Creek Dam has an algal bloom.  Lastly, Lake Eppalock (Goulburn Murray) has reported an algal scum.

In America the war on phosphorus continues, with new toughened regulations being imposed in Florida and New Jersey.  In Florida the EPA has assessed that 1,918 miles of rivers and streams, 378,435 acres of lakes and 569 square miles of estuaries in the state are impaired by nutrients!

From Texas, a recent large fishkill has been attributed to toxin and odour forming algae in Lake Meredith.

From China there is a report that scientists have developed a sensor for measuring microcystin-LR, the most common variant of the microcystins.  If this works it will be a major step forward for realtime monitoring of raw potable water.

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