Diatoms for Water Resource Management: USA

26 January 2011

Trybionella littoralis (Riversdale, Bill Harding)

“Diatoms are algae that reflect the biotic condition of streams, lakes and estuaries. Diatoms are important indicator organisms because they are sensitive to natural and human impacts, and monitoring their condition provides information about ecosystem health. Together with aquatic invertebrates and fish, diatoms are included in federal and state monitoring and assessment programs as key indicators of biotic condition” – so says, quite correctly, the USGS.

The USA’s first on-line diatom guide has been released. ┬áDiatoms are being used with increasing rapidity and scope in the United States and elsewhere in the world. ┬áThe cosmopolitan value of this indicator type make this online key immediately valuable around the world!

South Africa’s own on-line resource (a software resource has been available for some years already) will be available by March 2011.

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