Are we headed this way?

7 February 2011

I believe that the measure of maturity of a nation is reflected in the level of compassion that its citizens show for each other.  Based on the daily reports in the newspapers (greed, corruption, crime, wilful ignorance, wilful denial) South Africa appears to be on the wrong end of the maturity scale.

The behaviour of roadusers perhaps reflects this.  Last week I was trapped in the bumper to bumper afternoon traffic out of Cape Town, on the strip towards the R300 offramp.  No-one could do more than creep along.  Then, in the yellow shoulder, comes a small, white Corsa-type car, four males inside, at high speed, past everybody.  Alongside us a pedestrian just managed to twist out of the way.  Then, a few hundred meters further on, came the unpleasant sight of a man on a bicycle being hurled high into the air.  When we passed the scene the occupants, in a now substantially-damaged vehicle, were getting out, some with drinks in hand.

Ubuntu – what is that exactly?

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