13 March 2011

In China, Lake Taihu will see expenditure of some US$700 million this year to tackle the burgeoning eutrophication problems (see also here on China’s water quality problems).  Sri Lanka is stepping up water quality monitoring. In Delaware (USA), attempts to impose meaningful water quality protection buffers and landuse reforms were overruled in a case brought by the local county against the regulator.  Similar struggles against common sense are in play in Florida (where politicians are ‘muddying the waters ‘) and inWest Virginia and Wisconsin , while in Washington State fertilizer bans are imminent (see also here for more on fertilizer restrictions in the US).  On a more positive note,Michigan is recruiting volunteers to assist with its monitoring of lake condition – the use of volunteer monitors has long been of value in the US (see also here on the Great Lakeswater quality crisis).  Phosphorus concentrations are reportedly increasing in lakes in Nova Scotia.

Lake Hume (Australia) has had a Red Alert issued for a blue-green algae outbreak andLake Torrens (Adelaide) continues to be a headache.  In New Zealand phosphorus levels in Lake Rotoiti have been reduced following the application of a phosphorus inactivating slurry.

Global phosphorus production remains on a high (see report).  However, technologies are emerging to allow the recovery of this element from waste streams (waste beneficiation).

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