Driving with your daytime brain switched on!

24 April 2011

Having a blog allows one to have a little rant now and again.  I am becoming increasingly convinced that people are becoming more and more stupid and losing their ability to apply common sense.  Perhaps this has something to do with the micro-managed society that we live in and where mastering the TV remote is the pinnacle of technological prowess? Very few people seem to take any time to think about how things work or should work.

For several years I have driven with my headlights on during the daytime – OK, my wife told me to do this but it’s a damn good idea.  Note that I am talking about headlights and am not one of those who has not been able to overcome the irrepressible urge to demonstrate that THEIR car has foglights.

The reason for doing this has seemingly been slow to take root in the consciousness of South African roadusers.  They spend a lot of time trying to tell you that you have your lights on, either by furiously flashing theirs (even on that death strip near Beaufort West) or…I was recently accosted by a fellow as I parked at the Mall, telling me that my headlights were on while I was driving.  The conversation went like this:

He (pompously): “Your lights are on you know…”

Me: “Yes, thanks, I do know”

He: (smugly) “Oh, isn’t there enough sunlight to see by…? (heh heh)”

Me: “They are on to make me easier to see, not for me to see by”

At this point I could visibly see his brain processes implode as he grappled with this concept and he hurried off muttering to himself.  Perhaps it is for people like him that all new models of cars have to have daytime running lights as a standard item from this year forward.

Perhaps, though, this is not that strange.  After all, South Africans have failed to grasp how to use the mini-circle or, for that matter, to approach, enter or exit traffic circles where two lanes approach from each side.  So much for the vaunted K52 test.  For those who are confused about this, Arrive Alive has a refresher course, along with a nice little idiot-proof (hopefully, but don’t hold your breath) animated graphic.

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