History of the Cape Flats Vleis (Part V): Some early maps

27 April 2011

Location, location, location! (Photo: Bill Harding)

Over the years I have collected many maps of the Cape Flats and will include some of them here and later in this series.  The first one (below) shows the Cape Flats still divided by the substantial dunes, and with Zeekoevlei having two distinct parts, with Rondevlei separate to  the west.

Zandvlei and environs, circa 1780

Zandvlei, 1795

The 1795 map, above, shows Zandvlei well away from the coastline.  Note the shape of Princess Vlei (Diep Valy).  The 1832 map is quite confusing and more of an artwork than perhaps a map.

Cape Flats as mapped in 1832

Princess Vlei (1897)

The main vleis, circa 1901

Princess Vlei, 1920


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