28 May 2011

The Goulburn-Murray Water Scheme has announced that the algal alert for Little Lake Charm has been lifted.  The Tampa City Council (Florida) will soon consider banning the sale and use of fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus during the summer rainy season.  The investigation into the algae problems at Lake Wanaka (NZ) has been completed and measures to reduce algal growth, as opposed to building a treatment plant, look like being the solution.  If these measures target the nutrient loading, then it should be a success.

The water quality in the Yamuna River (Delhi, India) is now so bad that even the zoo cannot use it anymore.

Closer to home, the Zeekoegat sewage works, one of two that dump their effluent into Roodeplaat Dam (Pretoria) is being upgraded.  The upgrade appears to be capacity related and no mention is made of any improvements to effluent quality which, given the parlous state of the dam, should have been included.  Zeekoegat is the better of the two works, the Baviaanspoort works being something of a dinosaur.

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