CyanoAlert – 35 sangliers morts

29 July 2011

Oshkosh, home of the world’s biggest airshow (although at the moment everyone is at EAA AirVenture), has an algal bloom in Lake Winnebago. Health officials in Winnebago, Calumet and Fond du Lac counties have issued warnings for blue-green algae on the lake. In Virginia, an algal bloom in Stafford County’s Aquia Creek is a health risk to humans and pets, the county said Thursday.

A public health advisory at Perry Lake in Jefferson County has been lifted after samples taken by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment concluded that hazardous conditions have rescinded, the state announced Thursday.  Still leading the field for algal warnings this season, Ohio has posted a warning for a bloom of toxic, blue-green algae at Lake Hope, while in Oklahoma a warning has been posted for Skiatook Lake (also here). A total of 35 people from Oklahoma have reported sick with ailments possibly arising from exposure to cyanobacteria.In France, remember those dead boars (sangliers), anatoxins have been suspected as the reason for their demise!

Finland is warming up, at last, and the warm summer has caused rapid growth of blue-green algae in Finland, according to a statement on Thursday by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).  The blue-green algae blooms have been spotted in both lakes and at sea.

Phosphorus reductions are on the cards for Lakes Menomin and Tainter.  New goals recommended by the state Department of Natural Resources, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency still must approve, would decrease the phosphorus load in Lake Tainter by 65 percent a year and Lake Menomin’s load by 45 percent. This translates to an annual load of 177,000 pounds for Tainter Lake and 149,710 pounds for Lake Menomin.  Good positive approaches!!  Well done.

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