CyanoAlert – algae poison French boars !

27 July 2011

Who doesn't love a warthog? (Photo: Bill Harding)

Not often we hear anything on cyanobacteria from France but dozens of wild boars have turned up dead this month around a beach in western France, officials say. The presence of poisonous blue-green algae is suspected for the deaths.  Not to be outdone, from England is reported that people are being urged not to swim or let animals into the water at a Burton beauty spot due to poisonous algae. East Staffordshire Borough Council has placed signs around Branston Water Park warning people not to go into the water.

Back to the USA, currently the world leader on cyanobacterial alert reporting!  The hot, stagnant weather is leading to an increase in potentially harmful blue-green algae at many Indiana reservoirs and lakes.  In Kansas the following lakes remain under an advisory: Kansas public waters currently under advisory:  Big Hill Reservoir,  Perry Lake,  Marion Reservoir,  Old Herington City Lake,  Logan City Lake and Phillips County. From Ohio, the state has lifted all algae-related health warnings from Buckeye Lake’s three beaches and, from Oklahoma, two weeks after the Grand River Dam Authority removed its “no bodily contact” warning at Grand Lake, the most recent testing shows continued improvements in water conditions.

The musty or dirty taste coming from tap water at local homes or a restaurants is thanks to a larger than normal bloom of blue-green algae in the Saginaw Bay – the source for most of the county’s drinking water.

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