CyanoAlert – pot pourri

26 July 2011

A mixed bag of reports today:

The level of toxin in Anderson Lake (Wash) has fallen, but the water is still considered lethal. Test results found 21 micrograms of anatoxin-a, a powerful and quick-acting neurotoxin, per liter of lake water.  Concerns about algal toxins in Milford Lake(Kansas) are being assessed.  Blue-green algal warnings are now in place at 10 locations in Kansas and livestock farmers have been warned to be on the alert.

The hot, dry weather has literally caused an explosion of toxic blue-green algae in Geist and Morse reservoirs (Indianapolis).  Yet another Ohio warning has been posted, this time for Lake Alma.

A lifting of the warning at Fish Lake (Oregon) is imminent if not already issued.

To end off with, there are still some places where dosing lakes with copper sulphate is allowed.  Hard to believe but there it is.  In Maryland, Lake Linganore and the Fishing Creek Reservoir are to be dosed with this toxic compound – long banned in most sensible countries for dosing into lakes and rivers.  According to the report, “It is a safe way to reduce the algae, which is not a health problem but can cause an unpleasant odor and taste in public water systems, according to Craig Lambert, wastewater superintendent“. You need to check your sources, Craig!  I understand that Indianapolis, following advice from Australia, uses copper sulphate on a big scale!

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