New DHEC report on fish in South African dams published!

27 July 2011

A recent DHEC investigation to examine the species composition and biomass of fish in eutrophic South African lakes has been published by the Water Research Commission. Report No 1643/1/10, entitled “Characterization of the fishery assemblages in a suite of eutrophic and hypertrophic South African dams”.  

This study arose from previous DHEC work undertaken at Hartbeespoort Dam and sought to seek a basis for possibly alleviating eutrophication impacts through deliberate harvesting of certain types of fish.  The 1643 project examined the types and numbers of fish present, while a project currently underway (Project No 1918) examined whether or not the biomanipulation idea held water – which, regrettably, has not been the case.

The report is current available in hardcopy and should appear on the WRC website ( for download in due course.

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