The internet not always a reliable source!

26 July 2011

There is a LOT of rubbish on the internet, which makes it dangerous for those who rely on it as a reputable source of information.  Here is an example:

Oddly entitled “The Types and Effects of Algae Water” – Ok, the title already indicates close the site, this Ezine article maintains that “Algae come from types of spores that are carried around via the wind! ”  Shooting itself in the other foot, it goes on “It is an asexual, single-cell organism that lives and breathes like other plants; however it is not as complex as general plants with stems and more multifaceted reproductive systems. Since it is a form of bacteria, it fertilizes itself and grows from there“.  It also refers to algae as a “substance“.

The crime is that the uninformed will believe and propagate this drivel!



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