Algal blooms switch to the southern hemisphere

29 November 2011

Toxic algae season is starting in South Africa (Photo: Bill Harding)

At this time of year we see the seasonal switch from blooms tailing off in the northern hemisphere and appearing in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  South Africa has no reporting system for blue-green algal blooms, so they go almost unnoticed unless they occur in recreational water or some other prominent waterbody.

Anyone in South Africa who wishes to let Droplets know of any blooms they come across, please send us the details (date, place and a photo if possible).

In New Zealand,

Some Wairarapa beaches and rivers have tested positive for bacteria and toxins this week. But the Greater Wellington Regional Council is assuring people they will be safe to swim come summer, provided there is no heavy rain.

And from Ontario, Canada,

The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit advises resident and visitors to the Municipality of Callander that the blue-green algae advisory reported on August 19, 2011 for Callander Bay has been lifted. Testing by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment has verified that the toxins do not persist in the water of Callander Bay. This means the water from Callander Bay may once again be used for private water systems, pets and livestock.

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