Drain and dredge a viable lake restoration technique

9 November 2011

The drained Echo Park Lake being cleaned out

Los Angeles’s Echo Park Lake is no longer a lake, at least for the next few months. Workers drained the local landmark as part of a two year, $65 million renovation and cleaning project.  Plans call for the city to add wetlands around parts of the lake which will  reduce the growth of algae and cut down on pollution.

Paardevlei being drained (Photo: Bill Harding)

In 2005, Paardevlei, a 45 hectare lake near Somerset West, South Africa, was drained, dried and cleaned out (see Article here).  This proved to be a very easy and cheap method to reset the lake for a new future.

Paardevlei sediments all nicely dried up (Photo: Bill Harding)

Paardevlei dried sediments being removed (Photo: Bill Harding)

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