Floating island “living machines” to help clean up China’s Lake Taihu

16 November 2011

BioHavens can solve big problems! (Source: FII)

Here at DHEC we call floating islands, at least the BioHaven-type, “biological engines” – as they provide an enormous area of floating biofilm that is active 24/7, 365 days a year. In China, the concept has been afforded an equally-descriptive name, “living machines”.

China’s Lake Taihu is a huge mess insofar as pollution and eutrophication is concerned.

The urgency to rehabilitate Taihu, which has a surface area of more than 870 square miles, is even greater as it is one of the country’s few freshwater lakes.

Researchers from Penn State University report that:

“They’re starting to develop ecological floating beds with plants like water lilies and other native species that have really long, complex root structures which can house a lot of bacteria that help remove some of the nitrogen and phosphorus from the water. These plants also absorb a lot of metals, so researchers at Jiangnan University have experiments in that area going on all the time.”


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