Information darkness looms!

25 November 2011

Droplets has been quiet for a couple of days – partially in shock that the ANC-led government had the ignorant arrogance to continue to steam-roller their pet secrecy bill through the Parliament, coupled with their mindless attacks on their own members who showed some spine and refused to vote on this (so much for freedom of ideas and expression!).  Apparently these independent thinkers will now be ‘disciplined’.

My concerns are further coupled to the warning signs emanating from the fact that the cabinet believes it has the ability to “review findings made by the Constitutional Court”.  Walk, talk about punching about your weight class!

Back in May, Droplets published the following quotation, hoping that it would lead more South Africans to stand up and demand their rights, not wait for someone else to do it for them:

“It is not hard for a totalitarian regime to keep people ignorant.  Once you relinquish your freedom for the sake of ‘understood necessity’,  for Party discipline, for conformity with the regime, for the greatness and glory of the Fatherland, or any of the substitutes that are so convincingly offered, you cede your claim to the truth. Slowly, drop by drop, your life begins to ooze away just as surely as if you had slashed your wrists; you have voluntarily condemned yourself to helplessness“.

What the ANC is doing is not only supremely stupid, it is evil as it demonstrates complete disregard for the fact that the Constitution is there to protect the people from government wrongdoing, not the other way around.  It emanates from the machinations of small-minded manipulators, who have little interest in the well-being and development of South Africa as a truly-integrated nation.

As I said in May, you get what you voted for, and if you did not vote, well shame on you. It’s more than just about voting now, though. There needs to be a constant signal sent to government that the populace is unhappy.

How on earth, with all the opportunities that presented themselves back in ’94, did we end up here??

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