People will pay more to process their poop

28 November 2011

Expect to pay higher rates for treating your wastewater! Photo: Bill Harding

It is an inevitability that everyone is going to have to pay increased sewage rates in order to ensure that our surface waters do not become toxic wastelands (the eutrophication and related saga).  While many countries, including South Africa, are in deep, deep denial about this (the wilful ignorance saga), others are getting their heads around the costings. The longer the problem is ignored, the worse it becomes and another Eskom price-hike scenario heads our way.

In Maryland, USA,

Homeowners in three Abingtons communities will see skyrocketing sewer bills as a result of a project to bring the treatment plant into compliance with a federal mandate meant to reduce pollution that affects communities more than 200 miles away.

Construction on a $34 million project at the Abington Regional Wastewater Authority’s treatment plant in South Abington Township is expected to begin sometime next year. To pay for the project, sewer users in Clarks Green, Clarks Summit and South Abington Township will find themselves paying $230 more in yearly sewer rates by 2015, according to authority officials.

The [newly-formulated] limits on nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment means that Abington Regional Wastewater Authority – and many other treatment plants around the region – must change the way they treat wastewater.

Down in Australia, questions are being asked of the scientists who recently declared the Murray-Darling Basin to be under water quality and other threats.  Locals living along the river say they don’t see or experience what the reports are telling them.

Heres a comment:

Its my view that scientists seem to only bring bad news, as it protects and justifies their jobs, as they reflect the opinion of the politician. Its absurd.

Seems like the scientists need to draft their reports better so that the substantiation for their statements is crystal clear??  Note the implied accusation that the scientists are not acting independently.

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