Will COP17 be a huge cop-out?

15 November 2011

Climate change debate is still all uphill (Photo: Bill Harding)

I remain deeply sceptical that COP17 will yield anything of value – but I am always open to being pleasantly surprised.  Ever since the Rio meetings, very little has been achieved that has shown true compassion for the future well-being of mankind.  This coming meeting is being held in a country, South Africa, that has a continuing 70% dependence on coal for power generation – and which has done miserably little to divest itself of an excessive generation of fossil fuel-derived by-products.

I fear that COP17 will be yet another very expensive pre-Christmas junket in Durban which, as reported by a Malaysian news source, will produce

some 15,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)  during the global climate change summit.

Some would call this oxygen theft!

South Africa is not reknowned for fostering environmental awareness in relation to “green production”.  The dismal failure of the solar heating subsidy initiative is just one example.

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