CyanoAlert snippets

20 December 2011

DHEC using a helicopter to dose a lake with rotenone (Photo: Bill Harding)

New Zealand’s Lake Okaro has been dosed with a phosphorus-flocculant in an attempt to manage a blue-green algal bloom.  Dosing was applied by helicopter.  Lake Rotoiti was treated earlier in the year to prevent the bloom of toxic blue-green algae.

In Australia, the Gordonbrook Dam, north of Kingaroy in southern Queensland, remains closed due to a toxic blue-green algae alert.

In Iowa, landowners are being encouraged to participate in the Working Watersheds: Buffers & Beyond program in 2012.  This is a

statewide initiative to improve water quality in Iowa through the promotion and establishment of conservation buffers and wetlands. Demonstration sites showcasing streamside buffers, pond or wetland projects, rain gardens and agroforestry plantings will be selected to participate in the 2012 program. In addition, public sites such as fairgrounds, community colleges, or local schools may be selected as permanent demonstration sites for their added educational value.

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