Water Crisis education issues for 2012

29 December 2011

Winds of Change: south-easter over the Helderberg (Photo: Bill Harding)

The true meaning of the Water Crisis in South Africa creeps ever closer – almost completely unnoticed by the press and, mostly, wilfully ignored by the authorities.  Most “users” of water remain oblivious to avoidable issues of contamination that may already be affecting their long-term health prospects.  They are more than happy to just have water coming out of their taps – few wonder about what may be in it!

Droplets has spent the past year providing examples of how various countries have responded or are addressing problems.  The significance of how this information has been obtained is extremely relevant: it has all come from press reporting, i.e. information provided to Joe Public.  The purpose of this approach has been to illustrate how deficient we (South Africa) are in this respect and where we can focus our attention in the future – hopefully the not-too-distant future.

During 2012, Droplets will continue the second year of this education process by developing key aspects of the examples and present fact-sheets, options and solutions.

At the same time, Droplets will continue to source and present new examples from all over the world.  CyanoAlert, WetlandViews and a new section dealing with water-related Climate Change issues, will continue.

We would like to thank all our readers for their support during 2011 and wish you all every best wish for 2012 !

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