“Wetland in a Bag” concept launched!

30 December 2011

Ornamental floating islands

The invention of the BioHaven floating wetland concept (for more information please search this blog) has revolutionized the ability to create extremely-effective wetland functions in new or existing waterbodies.  DH Environmental, the South African distributor of Biohavens, has developed an allied-product that utilizes the plugs of island material which we remove when we create the planter holes – BioBag has arrived!

Ornamental islands prior to planting. Note the drilled planter holes.


The BioBag system (Source: DHEC). Bags of BioHaven material suspended beneath a float.

BioBags are netting bags filled with BioHaven plugs, weighted and suspended beneath a marine float.  These bags provide a massive area of submerged biofilm support, which can be simply floated into a pond or dam experiencing high levels of nutrients – resulting in excessive plant or algal growth.  The excess nutrients and/or other micropollutants will be absorbed into the biofilm that will form on the matrix of material in the bags!

BioBags provide an instant, out-of-sight “nutrient-sink” solution which can be deployed alone or in combination with floating islands.  BioHavens are made from 100% recycled materials and the BioBag concept creates a ‘zero-waste’ solution!

For more information, please contact us! (see our webpage for contact details).

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