Is Minister Molewa too tyred to pay attention to details…?

31 January 2012

It was probably a stupid decision of some note when South Africa combined the roles of Minister of Water Affairs and that of the Environment into a single portfolio.  Both are hugely-challenging job descriptions even for hardened specialists, yet alone for a political appointee. Water issues alone cut across multiple layers of government, as do the burgeoning issues being added to the environmental portfolio.  Either portfolio, if handled properly, is a full-on 24/7, 365 day per year, task.  I am not convinced that the incumbents are anywhere near up to the task!Yet, in yesterday’s press (Cape Times Business Report, headline article), we find the Minister of Water Affairs being accused of colluding in the hijacking of a tyre-recycling project!  Quote:

“that there is foul play at work (in the minister’s approval of Redisa’s waste-tyre plan) is obvious”!

(Apparently the proposal was not even gazetted!).

If the Minister is unwittingly being drawn into dodgy deals, involving people who allegedly who have been declared unsuitable to sit on any industry body!  More importantly, what else may be going on that we do not know about (see why they want that Secrecy Act?).

Can we afford this nonsense??  We need to be assured that our Minister’s have their eyes firmly on the job!  We need to see Ministers with professional credentials relevant to their portfolios, especially for water and the environment.  We also need to see experienced Director’s-General providing the backup roles – and being independent of political appointments so that we can start to rebuild organizational memory.


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