Small floating island completely stabilizes large pond in just 6 weeks!

18 January 2012

Last year we reported on how the installation of a small floating island, into a newly-dug pond, clarified the water within two weeks.  We can now report on the full sequence over only six weeks, in which we have gone from turbid, to algae-dominated, to crystal clear!  In addition, we are now seeing strong development of rooted, submerged vegetation, all adding to the overall stabilization!

See the sequence of photos below!

Before: Newly-filled pond, completely turbid (Photo: Bill Harding)

Day Zero: Island anchored in turbid, algal-rich pond (Photo: Lynda Muller)


Two weeks after installation. Water almost completely clear (Photo: Bill Harding).

Six weeks after installation! Water crystal clear and bottom plants expanding (Photo: Bill Harding)

Lush natural vegetation developing in stabilized pond (Photo: Bill Harding)

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