Eskom states the obvious but still gets it wrong!

1 February 2012

South Africa needed to wake up to the reality that water was just as important to the economy as coal, Eskom chief commercial officer Dan Marokane said on Wednesday.

Actually, Dan, water is way, way more important than coal, but thanks for trying!  While there are alternatives to coal as an energy source, if you do some research you might find that the list of alternatives for water is a tad on the short side!

This type of nonsense statement just goes to further illustrate why we are in the pickle that we are!  If senior people come out with this drivel, what can we expect from the middle orders??

Centurion and Bruma Lakes, in Pretoria, South Africa, are ‘stirring up’ news again – there are biological solutions for this lake but it seems that engineers are still in charge of trying to find a silver bullet solution.  Ho Hum!

Droplet’s prediction that trying to flush the Torrens (Adelaide, Australia) would not work has been confirmed.  All that has been flushed away is a hell of a lot of money!

The South Australian Government has conceded a $1.2 million trial aimed at reducing blue-green algae in Adelaide’s Torrens Lake over summer has failed.

Up to 40 megalitres of water per day were released from the Hope Valley Reservoir to boost flows through the river and city lake, but algal blooms forced the lake’s closure more than a week ago.

SA Environment Minister Paul Caica says other measures will have to be investigated to ease the pollution.

“Part of the reason would be as much as anything else the quality of the water that’s been put into the river system and that’s upstream and that’s one of the things that we have to address, to make sure that the quality of the water that finds its way into the waterway is otherwise better than it currently is,” he said.

Its a pity that predictable no-show solutions get tried and tried again!

In China, the authorities have conceded that Taihu Lake will take many, many years to be rehabilitated.  Rule of thumb is 10-15 years once all excess loadings have been attenuated.

China’s second biggest freshwater lake is slowly recovering from pollution despite experts saying it will take “dozens of years” to clean, the Guangzhou Daily reported Wednesday.

Blue-green algae, which normally appears on Taihu Lake in May or June, is now expected to form in August due to anti-pollution efforts, the report claims. The lake, a major source of drinking water that straddles Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, has been seriously polluted by sewage, as well as industrial and agricultural waste, which has encouraged blue-green algae since the 1980s. The report said the blue-green algae choked the lake, affecting drinking water supplies for millions of local residents.

Here is a link to a nice Zimbabwean press article on the value of wetlands and how not to mess them up!

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