Port Elizabeth builders suck water out of wetland?

29 February 2012

For some months it appears that a contractor has been getting free water out of a Walmer wetland in Port Elizabeth (a charge denied by the contractor, I must add).  An investigation will determine whether the water was taken from the wetland or from a convenient fire hydrant nearby. Source: The Herald.

In Australia, Edwardes Lake near Melbourne had a sewage spill and now an algal bloom.

Merri Creek Management Committee manager Luisa Macmillan said both incidents were potentially related. “The algae growth is usually stimulated by high levels of phosphates and we know after the black water, the levels of phosphates in the lake increased dramatically.”

Absolutely correct Luisa!

Around the world we see more and more cases of actions being instituted against those who damage wetlands. In New Hampshire, USA, a gravel pit owner has been accused of infilling quite a large area of wetland, a charge he denies:

A Loudon gravel pit owner has been ordered to stop excavating on his property after the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services said he filled in 26,000 square feet of wetlands, disturbed protected wetland areas and altered more than 100,000 square feet of terrain without appropriate permits.

But Gregory Fillmore, president of Fillmore Industries Inc. on Route 106 North, said he has done nothing wrong.  “I dare anybody to find a nicer and more efficiently and conscientiously run operation,” said Fillmore, 54.

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