Royalty not immune to eutrophication

20 February 2012

It seems that HRH Prince Charles’s plans to do a bit of development on the side have been side-swiped by fears of increased pollution into the River Frome.  It appears that an “offset” has been agreed to, allowing 1200 units to be built if measures are taken to reduce pollution coming from other parts of Poundbury Estate.  The raging drought in the UK has not helped either:

The Environment Agency has declared Anglia as officially in drought, meaning restrictions on water use, and is likely to issue more warnings for the South East and East Midlands. The drought in the most populated areas of the UK mean half of population in England faces restrictions this summer if hosepipe bans and other measures have to be brought in. So far this winter has been drier than the winter preceding the 1976 drought when rivers went dry and food prices went up.

And we think of the UK as a bit wet?

New water quality regulations will come into effect in Florida as from March 6th:

A federal judge in Florida has ruled that specific limits on sewage, manure and fertilizer contamination in state waters must take effect March 6.  U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle’s ruling Saturday in Tallahassee ended years of delays in setting those limits.

The pollutants feed algae blooms on lakes and streams. The blooms can cause health problems in humans and can be fatal to wildlife.  Earthjustice filed a Clean Water Act federal lawsuit in 2008 on behalf of environmental groups seeking limits on the pollutants in Florida.

The federal limits replace a state rule requiring studies of algae blooms but no preventive measures.

Rather than people starving themselves in South Africa over toll road office complexes, they should consider utilizing such extreme measures to address more serious issues – otherwise by the time comes that they want to protest about water quality, their only option will be self-immolation.

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