Unsafe water in the Free State?

22 February 2012

Hard on the heels of the reports of acid mine drainage affecting drinking water in Carolina and the cyanide leak near Newcastle (link), come claims of unsavoury tap water in the Mafube Municipality in the Free State.  Yes, three major water quality issues in one week!

Residents complained that the water was not suitable for drinking and that the municipality was not heeding their calls to look into its water supply.

The 2010-11 Green Drop water management assessment report at municipalities showed that Mafube performed “unsatisfactorily”. The report indicated that the waste water services were not being managed according to the expectations of the regulation programme.  It further found that Green Drop requirements were largely not being met, resulting in an overall municipal score of 9.5%.  (Source: TheNewAge).

In the same week we hear of hospital patients not having had water for a week and the possibility that one of the largest municipalities, eThekwini, is bankrupt.  Now, these are issues to protest about!  Do ratepayers and taxpayers not yet realize that it is your money that is being wasted by “irregular expenditure” and extra aircraft following politicians around on their paid holidays?  Money that should be being spent on ensuring that we don’t have press reports like those mentioned above?

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