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28 April 2012

Droplets will be terminating, hopefully temporarily, our CyanoAlert and WetlandNews sections in a month or so.  For the past three years we have funded this service ourselves but rising ‘news clip’ costs sent us seeking part-sponsorship for this public education service.  This has, regrettably, not been forthcoming.

In Queensland, Oz, the Gordonbrook Dam, has been closed due to an outbreak of toxic algae.  A bit further south, a shellfish warning has been issued for the south-eastern coastline of Tasmania.

Similar problems in Southhampton, New York, where an outbreak of toxic algae producing saxitoxin has necessitated a ban on shellfish harvesting.

BILL WALLICE, MANAGER of Middlebury Agway, stands next to fertilizers that are separated in the store by phosphorus content. A new state law seeks to protect Vermont’s waterways by reducing the level of phosphorus runoff. Independent photo/Trent Campbell

Fertilizers containing phosphorus have been banned in Vermont, USA (anyone still not know why phosphorus is a problem?) and many keen gardeners have been caught off-guard due to an apparent low-level of public awareness education.

Anna David, of the Kent Wildlife Trust, surveying the River Eden

Lastly, in the UK, funds are being applied to rehabilitate the River Eden (and with a name like this I should think so), after pollutants and elevated phosphorus concentrations were detected [Source: This is Kent].

The Kent Wildlife Trust has now launched an urgent £79,000 clean-up operation – dubbed Return To Eden – of the 17km stretch between Edenbridge and Penshurst.

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