Not-so-Grand Lake St Marys already off-limits due to toxic algae

27 May 2012

Grand Lake St Mary’s suffered horribly and long from algal blooms during 2011 – and the warnings are already up at four beaches, heralding a dismal year for recreation at this popular lake in Ohio.

Warning signs will be placed at the four beaches where algae educational signs already are up. The educational signs, which show what algae looks like and tell people how to report it, were placed at Grand Lake and several other lakes across the state that have had algae problems.

The new signs will read “Warning – High levels of algal toxins have been detected. Swimming and wading are not recommended for the very young, the very old and those with compromised immune systems.”

In Kansas, warnings are in place at Great Bend (Memorial Lake) and Marion Reservoir, while in Oklahoma an alert has been posted for Eufaula Lake while Lakes Ellsworth and Lawtonka have been given the ‘all-clear’.

In the UK, early emergence of blue-green algae has brought a halt to water sports at Killingworth Lake in North Tyneside. Talkin Tarn in north Cumbria is also off-limits.

And in Australia, despite the cooling temperatures, Lake Burley Griffin (no stranger to Droplets reports) is again off-limits as algal levels exceed 1000 times the specified safe limits!

Here in Southern Africa, speculation points to Botswana as the first likely victim of a water shortage crisis.

And, finally, in Denver (USA, Colorado) debate is ensuing about the validity of reducing nutrient levels in wastewater in order to protect local waterways!  We will still see a lot of these arguments before the penny drops.

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