Anderson Lake: Open and closed due to toxic algae

4 May 2012

Anderson Lake (Port Townsend, Washington State, USA) was opened and closed for fishing within five days.  Officials found worrying levels of blue-green algal nerve toxins known as anatoxins [Source:]. Read more »

Why selective protests? Why not focus on real issues?

2 May 2012

I have to wonder about what fuels certain protest actions and allows much greater and pernicious harm to go unchallenged?

On the one hand, we have all the who-ha about the toll roads in Gauteng (by the way, here in the western Cape, I for one would dearly love to have a decent road between Cape Town and Bot River and not the existing death trap from Somerset West over Sir Lowrys), on the other hand we have massive infrastructural decay and money wasting, yet no protects about a whole nations future being vomited down the drain. Read more »

Lake Texoma algal warning finally lifted! Others to get permanent warnings

2 May 2012

After many, many months, the US Army Corps of Engineers (the guys that do a lot of lake monitoring in the US), have removed the toxic algae advisory for Lake Texoma.  This advisory was in place for most of the 2011/12 period!

While Texomians may be pleased, reports indicate that permanent algal warnings will be going up at 14 state park lakes in Ohio, including Not-So-Grand St Marys and Buckeye.  This decision has been based on the incidents of algal blooms during 2011 [Source: Columbus Despatch). Read more »