Anderson Lake algal toxin levels 500-times over the limit

18 June 2012

The concentration of blue-green algal nerve toxins (anatoxin)  in Anderson Lake, Washington State, have leapt to 500x more than the level at which warnings are posted! Water in the lake also contains liver toxins, but too low to warrant concern right now.  The neurotoxin levels are scary enough!

In Nebraska, the warning for Rockford and Swan Creek Lakes are still in effect.

An algal bloom, triggering the taking of samples for toxins, has been reported for Sodus Lake (Ontario).

And at Lake Winnipeg, a project to try and reduce in-lake phosphorus levels, by removing reeds, is being planned.  The intention is to remove excess nutrients permanently from the system.  While harvesting plant biomass, especially macrophytes such as Typha, can have some benefits, it may be too little at the expense of too much input to get them out.  Any decision to go this route should carefully consider the nutrient balance in the system in relation to what the plants take up and release during the normal course of their annual cycle.  There are data available to inform this process.

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