Algal warnings from Canada

9 July 2012

Blue-green algal blooms have been reported for Estrie in Quebec and from New Brunswick.  From Europe comes yet more scientific proof that global warming will increase the proliferation of algae in lakes and the marine environment, bringing about ecosystem alterations caused by, inter alia, oxygen deprivation.  

By this time of the year there have, typically, been several reports of algal warnings from Oregon.  Not this year, yet, however.  Oregon has a new reporting system which requires toxins to be present, rather than the previous approach of using the level of bloom development as the reporting criterion.  This will keep more lakes open but does ignore the fact that its not only the common toxins that render cyanobacteria hazardous.

A report from Lake Chaohu in China includes some stunning images of just how bad large-scale blue-green algal blooms can be.  If there are no toxins, would this be a problem in Oregon??


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