Fishing Out Phosphorus – Another Success Story for Floating Islands

9 July 2012

High-rate phosphorus removal floating island, the “Leviathan”

Researchers at Floating Island International (FII) in Shepherd, Mont., an agricultural region, are fishing nonpoint source nutrients out of 2.6-ha (6.5-ac) Fish Fry Lake. Bruce Kania, FII project development director, uses rod and reel to maintain floating treatment wetlands (FTWs) in the lake. Fishing is all part of the job; experienced anglers can catch one fish every 2 minutes at Fish Fry, he said.

BioHaven Floating Islands are providing an increasing number of high-value water quality services – and helping to process unwanted nutrients (well, wanted by algae but we don’t want them to have any more food than is absolutely necessary) into fish biomass is just one of them!

Read the full article or contact DH Environmental Consulting ( for more information about applications in South Africa.

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