Guide to the common diatoms of South Africa now available on-line

10 July 2012

A few years ago, the second of my Diatom Assessment Protocol projects produced various tools supporting the use of diatoms for the biomonitoring of rivers and streams in South Africa.  One of the manuals was an illustrated guide to the most common diatoms found in South Africa and, given the cosmopolitan nature of the common forms, in many other countries as well.  This manual, originally produced by the Water Research Commission, went “out of print” very soon and is no longer available and the related research and development is no longer being funded.  However, given the large number of requests that my colleagues and I receive for this work, it is now available off the DHEC website.

An Illustrated Guide to Some Common Diatom Species from South Africa, by Taylor, Archibald and Harding

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