More cattle deaths from algal toxins

1 July 2012

Four show cows have died, and others possibly affected,  from the effects of cyanobacterial liver toxins in a farm pond in Gwinnett County,  Georgia, USA.  Interesting I see that a decision to treat the algal bloom with algaecide was taken – which will simply release all the toxins into the water en masse.  This is not an action that I would recommend as it merely treats the symptoms, rather than addressing the cause.

Baptiste Lake, near Edmonton, Alberta, has been placed off limits due to the presence of toxic algae.  Health alerts have been issued in Nebraska for Lake Maskenthine and in Washington State (Clark County) for Lacamas Lake.  There is also an algal bloom reported for St Mary’s Pond in Rhode Island.

Not to be outdone, authorities in Middlesex, England, have issued a warning for Pottersburg Creek where positive tests for algal toxins have been recorded.

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