Reports of toxic algal blooms from new places…

31 July 2012

Some reports of algal blooms from waters new to Droplets:

From Washington (Olympia) comes a report that their Ward Lake has been plagued by blue-green algal all summer long – and the problems may provide the catalyst for officialdom and the public to combine in seeking a solution.

Near San Francisco, an algal bloom in Nicasio Reservoir has tainted the water supply.

And a new one from the UK: Newsham Park Lake near Liverpool has been declared toxic.  The lake has been closed until further notice.

In Florida, an unusual algal bloom has all but wiped out the valuable sea grass crop in the Indian River lagoon.

From Massachusetts comes a report that Crystal Lake has been closed because of an algal bloom.

Finally, from Oregon, water supplies drawn from Walterville Pond are at risk due to the presence of toxic algae.

And so ends July 2012


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