BioHaven floating islands add to their product range

29 August 2012

Some of the BioHaven product range

Something akin to the “wetland in a bag” concept introduced in South Africa by DH Environmental Consulting, Floating Island International have introduced another product known as ‘Freshwater Coral”.  This comes in various forms, most recently in chains of bags as shown in the images below.

The “wetland in a bag” product (DHEC)

A string of Freshwater Coral units

BioHavens are more successful, infinitely so, than any other form of floating islands because of the sheer mass of surface area they provide for the generation of biofilm.  Attempts to DIY floating islands usually don’t progress much beyond floating frames with plants jammed in them – with the assumption that the plant roots will provide the surface area needed.  This is not the case as the plants need their roots to act as, well, roots and cannot have them too clogged up with microbial gels that form the basis of biofilms.  And, of course, framework “copies” lack the 20 year plus durability of BioHavens.

BioHavens, by contrast, provide a matrix that equates to 375 square feet per cubic foot of island!  As a cubic foot of matrix weighs 1.8 pounds, one pound of matrix provides approximately 200 square feet of surface area.  These ratios are impossible to achieve by any other means.  Uptake of phosphorus per cubic foot is estimated at around 0.5 lbs (approx 1 kg P per square foot per year) – which is simply amazing for the passive use of BioHavens.  Of course the recirculating units, such as the Leviathan, are capable of much more.

Leviathan treatment capacity also grows and as plant roots develop its ability to cycle nutrients into plant biomass expands.  And a standard Leviathan pumps up to 72 cubic feet of air into the water around it per minute.  It can change the dissolved oxygen profile from top to bottom in at least 22 feet of water.  This means that a wide range of critical biota can now occur in water that was previously void of oxygen.  This supports the nutrients into fish concept.

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