Drinking Water App launched in Canada

22 August 2012

An example from Canada’s water quality app.

Some countries are really working hard to keep civil society informed about the quality of water they are exposed to, either in their kitchen tap or when they fall off their paddle ski.  In this age of smartphones and apps, the latest one comes from Canada – the result of a partnership between The Water Chronicles and the Lake Ontario Waterkeepers.  What a great way to keep people in touch, whereever they are!

After last week’s news blast following the announcement of algal blooms across Canada, one can expect all sorts of new initiatives to pop up.  One that was already in the pipeline is an audit of all nutrient sources associated with Desbarats Lake.  Lake Killarney is also a problem, described by Diane Orihel as one of the worst lakes she has seen.  She should come to South Africa!

The Canadian eutrophication and algal study has been welcomed by groups such as the Lake of the Woods Sustainability Foundation.  It seems that the outcome of the study will spur a lot of interest and attention to the problem –

“We need to get serious about water quality in these lakes. This is now a human health concern across Canada.”

Diane Orihel, lead author of a cross-Canada survey that found a potent liver toxin in every province’s lakes.

Keep your dogs healthy! They trust you to check the water quality for them (Source: Robert Bauset).

In New Brunswick pet owners have been advised to take heed of what their pets swim in and drink from.  Good advice as all too many pet owners are all too casual about this important issue.  In the same area, scientists in Moncton are looking at end-of-pipe methods to try and address the elevated levels of nutrients that fuel algal blooms.  By “end-of-pipe” I mean treating the symptoms, rather than the causes.  For example, its pointless and a huge waste of money to allow wastewater effluent to be dumped into a lake and then try to manage it in the lake.  Tackle it at source otherwise just throw your money in the lake but tell me where so that I can pick it up and put it to better use!

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