“If its green on top, stop” – lake users warned

31 August 2012

“If its green on top, stop” is the warning communicated to Oklahoma lake users ahead of the upcoming holiday.  The www.checkmyoklake.com site has all the details.

This (northern hemisphere) summer has been all reports from North America.  Either there have been very few blooms in Europe or else they are not being reported on – I must check with my colleagues over there.  Today, however,  there is a warning for Lake Alster in Hamburg, Germany.

Back in the US, the state of Indiana is still warning lake users to be careful, especially after the recent deaths of two dogs.  Lake Attitash (MA) is in the news again – under its third warning for 2012 already! Given the state of the drought now affecting 60% of the US, a truly horrific event by all accounts, I am surprised that we have not had as many bloom warnings as were logged during 2011.  Thusfar the heatwave has brought about significant economic damage through the mass deaths of harvestable fish – $10 million in Iowa so far.

To close off August comes this sage advice from the FAO Water Week in Stockholm:

“There is no food security without water security,” said FAO director-general Jose Graziano Da Silva in Sweden, which is hosting the annual event organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

With crop growing hampered by the effects of pollution and climate change, agriculture must become “more efficient and fairer”, Da Silva said, adding that nations all over the world need to “produce more with less” and manage water resources well.

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