It is possible to grow fish and not pollute the environment

30 August 2012


High fish production without the “green”

Aquaculture is not very scientific and includes a big risk of polluting the environment.  Fish are put into floating cages and then food is thrown at them- which they eat and convert into nutrient-rich excreta which, together with the uneaten food, pushes up the nutrient levels in the surrounding water.  This is fine in fast-flowing, well-flushed environments but in many there is the risk of algae build-up and the production of sales-affecting tastes and odours and even toxins.

BioHavens have changed all this.

The BioHaven floating stream and spawning bed

The BioHaven floating island fish-production range is growing.  BioHaven® floating islands are the perfect way to introduce substrate to a pond or lake to enhance fish growth. Made from inert recycled PET fiber, BioHavens can be launched on top of the water or within the water column. Taking excess nutrients from the water, they attract and nourish the microscopic life forms that launch the food web. The island’s interior surfaces protect this food source from prolific browsers, like carp. With plenty of secure, premier diet available, the stage is set for maximum fish growth.

The Leviathan floating stream and nutrient guzzler

The product range includes the floating stream, the floating cages and various forms of the Leviathan water quality polishing giant (not so big in size but a monster in terms of guzzling up unwanted nutrients).

BioHaven floating fish cage with integral wetland units

With BioHavens, the increase in the fisheries potential of lakes and ponds is huge – without running the risk of eutrophication. There is less need to plant forage fish as natural fish numbers increase. Hot spots are eliminated: more of the pond is habitable. Your lake will bring kudos through your fishing management success. Use of the system in already-eutrophic lakes is dual purpose = nutrient removal and fish production.  Its all win-win with BioHavens.

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