Shoprite launches floating islands

30 August 2012

Final planting prior to positioning (Photo: L Muller)

Two BioHaven floating islands were launched this week at the DH Environmental-designed stormwater treatment facility for the new Shoprite centre in Parklands, north of Cape Town.  A total of 480 sq feet of islands, providing a massive 11 000 sq meters (yes, meters) of submerged surface area, were planted up and positioned in the treatment pond.

Assembling the islands prior to launching (Photo: L Muller)

No other technology provides so much surface area for biofilm development as do BioHavens.  Eighty percent of the treatment that happens in wetlands happens in the biofilm and not in the plants, as is commonly misunderstood.  Additionally, because BioHavens float, they are entirely independent of changing water levels and remain fully functional 365 days per year!  They start doing their job the moment they hit the water.

The advent of the BioHaven technology has completely revolutionized the ability of developers to integrate stormwater management needs without requiring the typically-expansive wetland areas associated with conventional reedbed wetlands.  This space-saving is increasingly a cost-issue as land becomes scarcer and land prices increase.

The floating island concept is modular, i.e. more units of any shape, size or configuration can be retro-added at any time.  Bank edge strip units, which provide both a vegetated edge and shoreline protection, are also becoming increasingly popular.

For more information please contact DH Environmental Consulting (

And off one of the units goes to its new position in the centre of the pond (Photo: L Muller)

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