South Africa enters into dialogue about how to address eutrophication

27 August 2012

Tuesday August 28th will see the beginning of what will hopefully become a national dialogue about the problems posed by eutrophication in South Africa’s dams and rivers. ┬áThis is a long time coming and maybe, just maybe, we will see the overt admissions about the problem that our Department of Water Affairs needs to make.

I have been appealing for attention to this very topic since 1990 and will again provide some input to tomorrow’s workshop hosted by the Water Research Commission in Pretoria. As background to the guidance I hope to be able to give, I have compiled a background document detailing some of the reasons why we have not done this decades ago. ┬áThe article is entitled Eutrophication Management in South Africa: Reasons Behind the Inability to Transition from Science to Practice.

(Bill Harding is a professional lake biologist who was first confronted by the ravages of eutrophication as a student working for the CSIR in 1995)

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