Student realizes value of diatoms for water monitoring: wins trip to Sweden

8 October 2012

Sam Cook meets Princess Victoria of Sweden (Source: This is Dorset)

A Dorset school pupil recently won a trip to Sweden – after winning a competition in which he used diatoms for assessing the quality of water (clever kid).  This bodes well for UK education if this level of insight is promoted within school-level curricula.

Sam Cook represented the UK at the international Stockholm Junior Water Prize and was congratulated on his win by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. 

Sam’s project investigated populations of diatoms in freshwater habitats and their importance as indicators of water quality.

Diatoms are single-celled organisms invisible to the naked eye but very important because they can photosynthesise like plants and produce useful energy from sunlight in order to survive.

Sam worked with Bournemouth University academics Dr Genoveva Esteban and Dr Andréa Galotti from the School of Applied Sciences to win the Tomorrow’s Water competition organised by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

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