Costs may kill attempts to protect aquatic organisms from sex-altering drugs

23 November 2012

A worrying report recently published in Nature indicates that attempts to restrict the release of ethynyl oestradiol (EE2, found in contraceptive medications), into the aquatic environment may die an early death.  For some years now rumors and articles have abounded regarding the feminization of fish – with this change attributed to this compound.

EE2 is just one of a cocktail of EPOCs (emerging pollutants of concern) that get dumped into rivers and lakes in wastewater effluents.  It now appears that plans in Europe to manage this problem will cost so much money that financial considerations are likely to override scientific recommendations – so what else is new when it comes to disrespecting the world’s water supplies.

We can only hope that sanity will prevail (?)  The need to do something about this general problem, i.e. pharmaceuticals and pollutants in sewage effluents, is irrefutable now, so it will take a brazen attitude to disregard it (and stupid…)

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