What’s in a name: Lake Unpleasant

18 January 2013

Ironic how so many lakes don’t live up to their names as a result of algal problems:  last year we saw that Clear Lake was actually quite turbid, Grand Lake was Not-So-Grand and Blue Lake was more blue-green than simply blue.  Although its still quite chilly over in Washington State (where lots of reports came from Anderson Lake during 2012), Lake Pleasant has become a bit un-pleasant – where West Clallam County environmental health officials are cautioning West End residents to keep themselves and their pets out of the lake until tests can be done on what is thought to be blue-green algae.

Regular CyanoAlert reports are coming in from New Zealand.  I would have expected more from Australia – but I do recall that somewhere I read they had changed their reporting rules so as not to scare people away from recreational venues.

A dog death has been reported from the Tukituki River – with algal mats being the culprit. The Oroua River (Feilding) is still off limits (slimy algal mats) and Virginia Lake (Wanganui District Council) has been off limits since the warnings went up in December.  Warnings for the Waihao River (Timaru) have been lifted.

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