Dublin Council claims water safe to drink: but is it?

31 March 2013

Reported problems at Dublin’s Roundwood water treatment plant have limited supplies to the City – with cuts in supply of up to twelve hours.  Although algal complications are part of the problem (infrastructure breakages also implicated), the Council’s spokesperson maintains that the alga is ‘completely harmless’ – YET fails to make any mention of which alga it is.  Such reporting can only sow more doubt – do they know which algal species is involved, are they still trying to find out?  If indeed harmless, why not admit to the details?

In my opinion, water treatment plant managers should be completely open and honest about the problems they are experiencing and use these opportunities to educate the public about the problems they face. With respect to algal growth and eutrophication in water supplies, the public have a big role to play in reducing the problem.



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