Canadian report on water contamination from fracking released

25 June 2013

Alberta’s version of South Africa’s Mariette Liefferink has published a detailed report on the downside of fracking and what it can do to water supplies!  Well worth reading and to watch the actions that will be taken to discredit it.

Jessica Ernst, a high-profile, Alberta-based environmental consultant, has released a comprehensive summary of science, facts and documents relating to groundwater contamination from the controversial practice of natural gas hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

The culmination of ten years of research, the 93-page report is sure to cause a stir with the energy sector and its critics. Groundwater contamination has been a key concern surrounding the booming fracking industry.

“Jessica Ernst has made a strong case,” says Will Koop, BC Tapwater AllianceCoordinator. “Her collection provides excellent and technically friendly working tools, enabling the public to draw their own conclusions from the critical information. This is not just an invaluable document for North Americans, but for the world.”

Anyone not yet seen the movie Gasland??  If not, do so.

Report only downloadable here.

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