Thames Water gets a (financial) slap on the wrist for pollution

23 June 2013

Last week Thames Water back-washed a whole lot of algal biomass out of their filters into a river in Shepperton – causing the deaths of a whole lot of fish.  For this misdemeanour a paltry fine of £17500.00 was levied.  Ouch!   The European Commission may be a bit tougher when it takes Greece to task for not doing all it could about last years complaints regarding nitrate pollution of water sources (I think attention in Greece has been taken up by a whole lot of other things in recent months).

Lake Attitash is once again back in the news with yet another algal bloom.  Ditto Lost Creek Lake.  At least these locations are still reporting problems.  There appears to have been a drop-off in algal bloom reporting – which may mean there are less blooms or that it may have something to do with last years financial losses when lakes were closed.  Lone Star Lake (in Omaha) also has a bloom warning in place, while a monitoring program for problematical filamentous algae is in place for two rivers in Cumberland (Maryland) (Potomac and Cacapon Rivers).

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